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Miss Gisela

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These Students took photos of different parts of the city and at different times of the day. Then, we decided to write a description of how Autum days are like in our city, Rosario. We wrote it all together on the whiteboard. After that, one of the girls, Candela, used her mobile phone to record the other students as they each read part of the description they'd just made.

To match descriptions and photos, we used Vocithread. This tool allowed us to record the description so that viewers can watch and listen to the children's voices at the same time.

Candela, Narella, Lourdes, Sasha, Ignacio, Tom├ís, Enzo, Iara, Maite, Serena, Milena and Brenda. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

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Florencia said

at 12:17 pm on May 31, 2013

Miss Mafferetti's 2nd block comments:
That was so good! -Jamie
Keep up with the good work! -Abigail
Good job! -William (a) Guillermo
is it true that English is the hardest language? -Myranda

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